Our Process

When was the last time you had a say in the way a municipality enforced its traffic laws?

Thirty cars speed by a traffic cop with a radar but you get singled out for punishment.

Bottom line, it’s a lottery no one stands a chance of winning.

It’s taxation without representation.

What are you going to do?

Fret about the hassle the ticket is going to cause you…money for the fine and court costs…the time it’ll take to complete defensive driving…the increased insurance premium if you’re not eligible…

We’re here to help with all that. 

We’ll give you an immediate quote, process your payment, and have you complete our web-based intake form, all with one phone call.

Once that’s done, we’ll send a letter of representation to the court where you were cited to appear. You’ll receive confirmation this has been done via email.

We’ll set your case on the attorney docket; this takes care of that twenty-one day appearance deadline on the citation itself (some jurisdictions give you much less time). When we get your court date, we’ll notify you via email.

We’ll have an attorney represent you at court. In rare cases we may need you to attend court with us, but this is very much the exception rather than the rule. If it is necessary, we’ll let you know well in advance. 

We’ll always seek a dismissal where possible. If that’s a no go we’ll negotiate a deferral on reasonable terms (meaning we’ll work to reduce the fine amount and the court costs, and shorten the period during which you mustn’t get cited again).

Throughout the process we’ll keep you updated on all developments in your case via email. We’ll send you the final paperwork from the court via email too, with clear instructions about what you must do to keep the citation from your record.

If things are a little more serious, we’ll post bonds on your behalf to lift outstanding warrants; we’ll get you back to where you would have been if you had never missed your initial court deadline.

We’re really inexpensive too. If your ticket was issued by the City of Dallas, and there are still at least three days before your initial court date, our rates start at $40.00.

Representation in other jurisdictions costs a little more, and if you have a warrant we charge a little more too, but we’re extremely competitive; we’ll work with you to win your business. We offer payment plans and discounts in certain circumstances; for example, if you have multiple warrants. It never hurts to ask. Everything is negotiable.

If there’s one thing you mustn’t do, it’s neglect your tickets.

Things can get a lot worse. You can get sucked into the surcharge vortex, also known as the “Driver’s Responsibility Program.”

If your driver’s record reflects six or more points, or you have a conviction that resulted in a surcharge that’s less than three years old, you’ll have to make a payment to the state annually.

If you don’t make that payment, your driver’s license can be suspended, and you’ll be ineligible to renew it.

Then you can get hit with a citation for driving with an invalid license, and you run the risk of a class B misdemeanor conviction.

The Texas DPS reports that the Dallas-Fort Worth area ranks second in Texas for the most surcharges by zip code.

If you have the time and the inclination, you can learn more about the program at the Texas DPS websites here and here.

If you’ve been caught up in the surcharge vortex, we can help with an occupational license application too. We do CDL citation defense as well – that means we’re ready to actually try lawsuits in traffic court.

Our overall goal is to get you back on the road, legal, with minimum fuss and even less cost.

We think you should hire us today.

Can you really afford not to?

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