Arlington Traffic Tickets Suck!

Did An Arlington Traffic Cop Ruin Your Day?


Traffic cops.

They appear behind you, flashing their “cherries and berries.”

They force you to pull over at the worst possible part of the road.

You’re delayed, and frustrated.

You fumble around for an insurance card, worried it might have expired.

You wonder if perhaps you left your driver’s license at home.

Slowly, nonchalantly, they saunter towards your car, fondling their clipboard or their little ticket machine, smiling…drawing out the process, seeming to enjoy every second of the irritation and anxiety you’re experiencing.

Finally, in exchange for your peace of mind, you get a flimsy piece of paper, a traffic ticket requiring you contact a municipal or justice of the peace court by a certain date, and pay a fine or risk a warrant.

Now what?

You want to avoid having to go to court. You want the ticket dismissed if possible; at the very least you want to reduce the fine. You want to keep any citations from appearing on your driving record.

Hire us. We do all that.

But it’s just a traffic ticket…why do you need a lawyer? Read on… 

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  • Are you worrying about how you’re going to come up with enough money to pay a fine in twenty-one days, or even less?

woman_pleading_copYou’re looking at a citation for speeding with a fine schedule on the reverse telling you to come up with about $200.00 at the least in three weeks or less.

Who has that kind of cash available to burn?

More to the point, even if you can afford to just pay the fine, the citation will hit your driving record, if it’s a moving violation; you know what that means… 

  • Are you concerned your auto insurance premium is going to go up?

Your insurance company (you know the friendly one that spends all that money on the TV commercials) will happily review your rates to see if it can justify an increase in your premium, insurancesince now you no longer fit its definition of a safe driver.

Maybe if you spend a weekend sitting in a restaurant with a bunch of friendly folks taking a defensive driving class, or spend a weekend in front of your computer, trying to ensure you don’t inadvertently log off the online version of the class, then maybe the insurance company won’t raise your rates, but ask yourself…

  • Do you really have time to take defensive driving?

Who does? It’s not like you’re going to learn something you didn’t already know, unless you forgot that really interesting section about the physics of hydroplaning, and if you forgot that, it means you might have forgotten something else too, like…

  • How many points are on your license?

How many does it take to cause you to lose your license? Or to be ineligible to renew it? Do you have to do something else if you get too many points? Like pay the state even more money! Where do you find the answers to these questions? Wait just a minute… 

  • Does this mean surcharges?

What? Surcharges for what? Payable to whom? Who knew driving without a license could subject you to a $300.00 fine over three years in addition to the local municipality’s fine and costs for the citation…and if you don’t pay them, guess what…

  • IS099CR56_Comp

    Are you in danger of a license suspension?

That’s right. You’re now guilty of a class C misdemeanor, and if you’re convicted that’s another $750.00 you’ll have to pay over three years, and if you miss those payment deadlines, that class C misdemeanor that didn’t really mean too much is ramped up to a class B misdemeanor with the possibility of jail time, so then you start asking…

  • Do you have active warrants?

…if you’ve read this far, we think you’ve probably read enough…

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